The Family

                                                        ~Under Construction~

This is my doll family. You can meet all of the sisters here. They are all adopted, Dyslin is their last name, as is mine.


Hello! My name is Nellie. I am the oldest and first to be adopted in this family, after both my parents died in a car crash. I love to bake and cook, and I usually make the meals for everyone in the family.

Name: Nadia Emmaline Dyslin
Nickname: Nellie (everyone calls her that)
Age: 16
Fun Fact: Nellie has a very bad temper, and the littlest things can set her off.
Favorite Book: The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien
Favorite Movie: The Battle of the Five Armies. 


HEY!!! How are you?!?! My name is Sam! I'm 9 years old!! I was the second to be adopted, after Nellie got adopted she realized I was till stuck at the orphanage, and she really couldn't stand life without me, so here I am!!!! I am part of what Felicity calls the "squealy group" (it sounds kinda funny, doesn't it?!) because I am excited and bubbly and optomistic and happy about everything like Lanie and Molly, my twin sister!!!

Name: Samantha Claire Dyslin
Nickname: Sam
Age: 9
Fun Fact: Samantha decided to be happy about everything and always find a bright side to something sad, because that's what her mom would have wanted. She did it so much it is now part of her nature!
Favorite Book: Magic Kitten series
Favorite Movie: A Wrinkle in Time


Hey! My name is Lanie. I'm part of the group of three girls who are kind of hyper! I'm not as excitable as Sam and Molly, so I'm kind of in between. I'm usually found keeping the twins out of trouble! I really like being outside, and so we all usually have our adventures out there if it's not raining.

Name: Labonita Noelle Dyslin
Nickname: Lanie
Age: 12
Fun Fact: Lanie loves playing Kat in Dazzling Diamonds, and is constantly asking Mama when they are going to film the next episode!
Favorite Book: The American Boys' Handybook! 
Favorite Movie: Prince Caspian

(Picture coming soon!) 
Hello, *curtsies*. My name is Felicity. I love balls, sewing, and fancy dresses. I am known as a bit of a perfectionist in the family, but I really don't think I am one.
I am a hopeless romantic. I love juicy romance stories and nice little bits of gossip to send to EVERYONE in my letters. Hehe.

Name: Felicity Jane Dyslin
Nickname: None
Age: 14
Fun Fact: Felicity only wears 1700's and 1800's style dresses.
Favorite Book: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
Favorite Movie: Little Women 1933


Aloha! I am Kanani. I love photography, and I hope to be a photographer when I am older. I am one of the quiet ones in the family, and don't like to talk a lot. Just think. McKenna is quiet, too, but that's more of a "I'm too cool" quiet than my sort of quiet. Tee hee, I'm spending my whole profile time talking abut types of quietness. Moving on...

Name: Kanani Juniper Dyslin
Nickname: None
Age: 13
Fun Fact: Hawaiian is like Kanani's second language. Often when is frustrated or when she is talking to herself she speaks in Hawaiian.
Favorite Book: The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis
Favorite Movie: She doesn't really watch TV.


Hey. I'm McKenna. I like sunglasses, hoodies and Skillet. Felicity hates my ways. I like annoying her with my funky hairstyles and weird postures....I don't like talking very much.

Name: McKenna Grace Dyslin
Nickname: None
Age: 15
Fun Fact: McKenna can't decide between Red and Skillet as her favorite bands.
Favorite Book: She wants to make it clear that she HATES reading.
Favorite Movie: Time Tunnel is her favorite TV show.


Hi there! I'm Caroline. I'm 10 years old. I love to read! Some of my favorite books are Warriors, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Sign of the Beaver, and the Little House series. My favorite book by far, though, is Kirsten's Surprise!
I am a huge doll fan! I have two dolls, the American Girl Doll Kirsten and my porclain doll, Lydia. (I just call her Dee, though, because there can't be two Lydia's! It would be confusing!)

Name: Caroline Emma Dyslin
Nickname: None
Age: 11
Fun Fact: Caroline usually wears her hair in a rope braid.
Favorite Book: Kirsten's Surprise by Janet Beeler Shaw
Favorite Movie: Samantha: An American Girl Holiday


Hey guys! I'm Ruth. I'm the "normal" one in the family. I don't really have a specific personality. I'm nice, kind, caring, and a bit headstrong.

Name: Ruth Naomi Dyslin
Nickname: None
Age: 12
Fun Fact: Ruth really likes track. She goes to the local school ever week and Saturdays and practices.
Favorite Book: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis
Favorite Movie: Keeping the Promise 


Hiya! I'm 9 years old, and my twin sister is Samantha!!! We're both excactly alike in personality and looks, except I have brown eyes and brown hair and Sam has black eyes and a little bit of a darker shade of hair than me!!!!! Sometimes people can't tell us apart even though we don't look THAT alike!!!!!!!
I'm very hyper, like Sam!!!!!! I really like getting into trouble! Well not that part but the FUN parts of getting into trouble!!! XD

Name: Molly Mavis Dyslin
Age: 9
Fun Fact: Molly adores My Little Pony. Every morning at 11:00 she MUST be in front of the TV as long as season 5 of the show is airing.
Favorite Book: Molly isn't the best reader, but she does like the Magic Kitten series.
Favorite Movie: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks


Hello, my name is Pearl. I'm twelve years old. I play the piano, and I really love classical music - like Felicity. That's probably the only thing that we have in common. 
I rarely use exclamation marks or show any excitement. Mom and some of the girls call me Spock because of that, but oh well. They are just teasing. 

Name: Pearl Ivy Dyslin 
Age: 12 
Fun Fact: Pearl loves wearing bright patterns. 
Favorite Book: These Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder 
Favorite Movie: Pearl never really watches TV. 


  1. I have 28 dolls! (almost 30!!!!!!!!!)

  2. Kananie is spelled wrong! It's spelled Kanani!
    - Madi

  3. I have seven dolls. :)

  4. I only have 2. :( But it's ok!

    1. I find you value your dolls more when you don't have huge amount like me, lol. I know you have Marie-Grace. What's the other one? :)

      ~Lydia~ <3

  5. I have Saige,Molly,and Addison(MAG#44)!LOL!My Molly's middle name is Anne!And Saige's is Selena,and Addison's is May!

  6. Oh,and also I am a lot like your Caroline!I LOVE to READ!!!!!I am DEFINITELY a bookworm!

  7. Love your dolls! Such interesting personalities! Oh one of my dolls, Ruthie wants to type something...
    Ruthie:I'm a bookworm just like Caroline!! :D My question for Caroline: Have you read "The Land Of Stories"? I love that series... I've also read Robin Hood,The Little Princess,Little house on the prairie... And well, a lot of other books!

    1. Thanks! :)
      Caroline: Hi Ruthie! I have never read "The Land of Stories", but I am always looking for something new to read so I'll check it out! :) Little House books are some of my favorites!

      ~Lydia~ <3 (And Caroline) :)

    2. By the way, you can call me AGLover

  8. Hi! It's AGLover... One of my dolls, Emily would like to say something to Felicity, sorry, she really should be talking to her 5 sisters, but oh well here she is: Hi Felicity. I'm Emily, *Curtsies* I am just like you! I love fancy dresses, and my sisters call me a perfectionist too...

    1. Felicity says, "Hello Emily! *curtsies* That's so cool! We don't have a lot of dresses, though, so it kind of stinks. XP Yeah. But we are so not, right?! We just want everything to be perfect! ;)


    2. My thoughts exactly!

  9. Please add the rest of your doll's pictures!

  10. Hi!
    Molly would like to talk to Lanie!
    Molly: You and I are a lot alike! I love the outdoors, and having adventures! birthday is actually on earth day according to AG!!!:)

  11. Thanks for checking out my VERY new blog ! I have two very beautiful AG dolls , Kaya and Kanani.

    1. No problem! Kaya and Kanani are both beautiful dolls. :)

      ~Lydia~ <3

  12. Your dolls ARE SO PRETTY! Call 911! I'm having a cuteness attack! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *faints over cuteness*

    1. LOLOL! Thank you! :D

      ~Lydia~ <3

    2. And Emma wants to talk to McKenna.. here she is.

      Emma: Hi, McKenna! Can I call you Kenna? Anyway, I'm a gymnast too! What level are you? I'm a level 7 and I'm 12! Bye! :)


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