Monday, September 7, 2015

Dazzling Diamonds: Part 2

Hey guys!

Day 17 is my most proud moment.
Well, that would probably be when I got 10 followers on this blog! I was so excited! That had been my goal, (to get 10 followers)! Wow!

Day 18 is the meaning behind my blog name.
Well I live kind of near a creek (even though it isn't called Silver Creek) and my blog is about dolls so I just stuck dolls at the end of silver creek and boom "Silver Creek Dolls"! I like it much better then my old blog name, which was "American Girls and Books". Snor-ing!

Day 19 is what I collect.
Dolls, old books, stamps, and knick-knacks.

Day 20 is a difficult time in my life.
Right now is actually a really hard time for me and my family. It's too personal to share online at the moment, but your prayers would be appreciated. :)

Day 21 is 10 favorite foods.
1. Bacon
2. Popcorn
3. Tomato and cheese bread things.
4. Coffee
5. Those sriracha shrimp thingies at Applebee's. XD
6. Peaches
7. Potato chips
8. Cheetos
9. Coffee Ice-cream
10. Clams

Okay, now for the long-awaited Dazzling Diamonds: Part 2!!

Kat nodded. "No kidding. He is knocking on the doors, and news cars are starting to pull up."  

I bit my lip. "He is knocking on the doors?"

"Yeah, questioning people." Kat replied.

"Okay. We have to go. We'll be back later." I said.

"What? Why?" Kat asked, puzzled. 

"I'll tell you later.

"We can't be here!"
~Lydia~ <3


  1. Awesome answers ! You have my prayers . Dazzling Diamonds Part Two was fantastical !

  2. I'll definitely be praying for you and your family :)
    Ooh, interesting! Excited to see what will happen next! :)


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