Saturday, August 29, 2015

Days 14 and 15 + Becky

Hey guys!

Day 14 is relationship with food.

Day 15 is something that excites you and fills you with joy.
Jesus! He fills me with indescribable joy. :)

ALSO, today I have a real post for all you guys! It's not about AG dolls, though. Different type of doll.

Meet Becky! Jo ordered her off Ebay and she just came today. Jo only ordered her for the wheelchair, so she agreed that I could have the doll. ;)

I think she has the most beautiful hair. I love the little curl to her bangs.

She's from the 90's. There is a great review on her here (although it's a different edition of her then the one I have) with a lot of the details on her, if you are interested.

Overall, she's really cute and I'm happy to add her to my Barbie collection! If anybody would like pictures of her box, let me know, it's very old-looking so I saved it. ;D

~Lydia~ <3


  1. She is so cute!! Can I steal her from you? ;)
    Ooh, and I'd love to see pictures of her box! That sounds so cool.

    1. lol, thank you!
      Okay! I'll try to get some pictures of the box up soon!

      ~Lydia~ <3

  2. She is adorable, and I agree that the bang is so cute ! I would love to see her box if that doesn't sound too weird :)

  3. Cool! We have a Barbie just like her, except for she has blond hair. And her arm is broken........:P
    How many other Barbies do you have?
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  4. I don't like barbie I prefer AG but cool!


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