Monday, August 17, 2015

Day 3

Hey guys!

Day three of the 30 day blogging challenge is describe your day in detail. I'm going to do my summer days, my school days are pretty different.

Well first I wake up. And stuff my face into the pillow and try to pretend I don't know it's daytime yet...
After about 20 minutes of thinking I kick off my covers, the only thing motivating me is my coffee. XD I make my bed and then get dressed, brush my teeth, put on my makeup. Then I go downstairs and have coffee with french vanilla creamer.

After that (because I don't really eat breakfast unless my mom forces me to XD) I get on the computer, type up a post, write a couple pages of my book, go on AGHomeschool and AIC, then I practice my piano, clean, laze around, watch TV, draw, read, or eat.

And then I have lunch, then I do the same things mentioned above...sometimes I go on errands or whatever.

And then there's dinner...

then me and my dad and if we are watching something she's interested in my little sister, Jo, all watch some old TV shows. Usually it's Mission: Impossible because we are going through an MI phase right now. XD

Then at around 10:30 I go to bed.

That's a typical summer day for me. :}

~Lydia~ <3

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  1. Summer days. :) Ooh, and coffee in the morning is always lovely.


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