Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Day 12 + Sweepstakes + AG Fan Meet-up 2015

Hey guys!

So day twelve is someone you miss. BFFs who I haven't seen in like a month or so.

Also, AG is having a BeForever Sweepstakes!

It's open to residents of the USA and Canada, ages 18 years and under!!! YAY!! :D Now all you teenagers can enter it too, unlike the other Truly Me sweepstakes thing. If you win, then you get one BeForever doll of your choice. If I win, I'll choose Maryellen. (Surprise, surprise.)

To enter, just go to AG's shopping site, and then go home and there will be a slim banner at the top of the page with the sweepstakes add thingy. Click on it.

EDIT: So, I forgot to say, the AG Fan Meet-up 2015 is HERE! :D

It is a meetup ANYONE can go to, no matter where you live! Please please please go HERE for more info.

~Lydia~ <3

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