Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Welcome to Camp Doll Diaries!

Finally! We're here! I, Pearl, thought as we clustered around the table. It actually had only taken ten minutes for me and my three sisters who had ridden in the jeep (instead of the van, which is much slower, may I add) to get the daycamp, but I was so excited it had seemed like an eternity. 

"Welcome to Camp Doll Diaries!" the lady, Anna, behind the checkin desk said. "Someone sign their name here please, and fill in the camper information." 

Mckenna went first. 

Anna quickly glanced at the Sign In sheet to see all the girls' names. She slipped the sheet in her file folder. 

"Thanks for coming! You can go over there while we wait for the rest of the campers." Anna said.

We walked over and stood around for a few minutes. Mckenna got bored, so she suggested we play tag. 

"I don't feel like running around in this hot sun. I'll be the judge!" Ruth suggested.
"Me, too!" I chimed in, remembering my tights.

Mckenna whipped around and started chasing Eloise.
"Elle est après moi! Elle est après moi!" Eloise squealed. 

I smiled and shook my head. "A perfect start to camp." I joked.

(Elizabeth joined in on the fun later, too!)

It's a little late, but at least I got the photostory up! :) Hope you liked it. I made it a daycamp because I don't have anywhere to make a cabin.
Keep an eye out for the next CDD photostory!

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  1. Very cute dolls and set up! :)


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