Saturday, May 23, 2015

Decisions + Emails

Hey guys!

I've decided I'll REALLY TRY to get back into blogging as best I can! I love AG and my dolls, and my inspiration for them is slowly (but surely) coming back. Okay, now onto something I need to post real quick:

"Yesterday, I went to enter in the Truly Awesome Sweepstakes that AG is having now through August. Each week you can enter to win a different prize and this week it’s your choice of a TrulyMe doll and the new Love to Layer Accessories. So, guess what happened when I went to enter? I was putting in my birth date and I couldn’t go any farther back than 2001. I clicked on the rules and saw that only girls ages 8-13 are allowed to enter. That is really unfair! AG should not have an age limit in the sweepstakes! Girls ages 14 and up (and I mean WAY up), LOVE AG still! How could they block us out from being able to enter?
I wrote an email to AG about this because it is just wrong. They clearly do not realize how many of their customers are older teens and women. It’s up to us to make that known to them! So here’s what I’m asking;
Write to AG telling them how you are disappointed that you can’t enter the sweepstakes because of the age limit, or tell them that you think it’s unfair to the older girls. Then, if you have a blog, post about this situation on your blog and ask your readers to write as well. Let’s spread this around! The more letters/emails AG receives, the better. I don’t know if they’ll even do anything about it, but I feel that we need to get our point across!" 
So, I think we should support Jaclynn's cause and email AG! It will only take up about five minutes of your time. 

I'm going to be posting something later today, guys. I'll be sharing my opinions on Truly Me. 

See you later! 


  1. I entered because I am twelve, but I now that even if I win I won't be able to recieve the prize because I live in Canada. That is super unfair. AG is a big company, can't they pay the extra ten bucks for shipping to canada? oh well, if I end up winning I'll give the prize away to one of you guys.

  2. I've definitely hopped on board for this and plan to post about this issue, as well as email AG.
    I'm glad your inspiration is coming back and I can't wait to see your post later on!

  3. Wow...that's craaaazy. AG, really?

  4. No offense, but couldn't you just say you're 13? I do agree it's wrong but...

  5. Thank you for posting about this, Lydia! :)

    AmericanGirlDolls4Ever- Yeah, we could do that, but that would be lying, and doing what's right is always best :)

    1. I suppose you're right, lying is wrong. It's just that... I don't know.

    2. Hi Lydia!
      I nominated you for the "Great Photographer" award on my blog!


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