Thursday, April 9, 2015

Soooo... Update Post #2

Hey guys!

I've kind of lost my inspiration for blogging about dolls...I'm thinking I'll need another little break from AG blogging. I'll still be reading all your posts and commenting, I just won't be posting here for a couple weeks. I'm sorry, I'm just not really inspired to post about dolls right now. I will TRY to get up the second episode of Dazzling Diamonds, but no promises.

In the meanwhile, check out my other blog, Through the Wardrobe.

Thanks for understanding!


  1. I understand. Just promise me you'll try not to grow out of dolls... Please. I beg you.

    1. Don't worry. I have a LOOOONG way to go before that happens. :P

      ~Lydia~ <3

    2. GOOD! I like your knew profile pic. ;)

  2. I'm going to miss you, but everybody loses inspiration at one point.:)
    PS- I nominated you for the Good Friend Blog Award on my blog!:)

  3. We totally understand, Lydia. Take your time!!
    P.S. You've been nominated for the Darling Doll Award! Here's the link:


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