Thursday, April 2, 2015


Hey guys!

So, I haven't been on AG Doll Play in awhile but Say Hello to My Little Friends posted that somebody was copying them on Instagram and basically pretending to be them. So I went and visited their blog and sure enough, yep. Here's what they said:

"If you reached our blog via the instagram account 'ag_doll_play' and believed she was from our page, please unfollow this person.  Our Gracie is in no way associated with this account!  

EVERYONE!! PLEASE NOTE that this Instagram account is NOT ours! We do not have one. This person has implied that they are us by using our blog name, photos and linked to our blog in their bio. Please help get the word out that this isn't us!"

That's mean. People work really hard to take pictures and it's all their own work, and this girl is just going around stealing their photos which they put SO much time into! I'm really sad right now. I know if someone took my photos or any ideas or text without permission or credit I would be outraged! So yeah, just wanted to let ya'll know in case ya have an Instagram and you follow this Gracie person!! 


  1. Wow, that's really rude (of that person). Thank you for sharing!

  2. Oh, my, that's awful! I had someone stealing my pictures on IG just recently, too. It seriously made me SO mad! UGH! :(


"Kindness in words creates confidence."