Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Price of Freedom - Part 6!

Hi everyone!

WOWEEE! How long has it been since I made one of these?! Agahh! So sorry! I'll try to do it once a week until it's over. :)

5 Months Later...
**Now Told in the POV of Gloria**
"Can you teach me now?! Pleeeease?!" Idella asked me for the fifth time that day.
"No!" There was a reason I was waiting so long. 

"We. Must. Wait." I told Idella firmly. 

I looked out the window. I single spark caught my eye. She wasn't alive - or was she? I decided to take a risk and chance it. 

I snapped my fingers...

And in a few moments my old friend appeared in a fizz of pink sparks. 

{Sorry for blurry picture}
"Carrie?" I whispered softly.
Carrie gaped. 

Idella grabbed my dress. "Who's she - and how did you do that?" she whispered. 

I ignored her. "Carrie - we need your help." 

"We?" Carrie looked over my shoulder. 

"MASTER IDELLA!" she screamed. 

~Lydia~ <3

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  1. lol I had almost forgotten about this. ALMOST being the key word :) This one's really interesting.


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