Sunday, December 14, 2014

GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas! {RAMBLINGS}


You all have probably seen her mini doll and the big 18" version of the GOTY for 2015, Grace Thomas! I'm not going to post pictures of her, but let me just say:




I want her so badly! She is the one that is perfect for me! :D I'm saving up my money, she is going to be the first of my dolls I am going to buy with my own money. I will hopefully get enough odd jobs around the house to earn enough for her. :)

I do think that she has the Josefina face mold but it is pretty hard to tell from the dark pictures.

Bye! Sorry for the terrible post. XD

~Lydia~ <3


  1. terrible? puh. I cannot wait till you get her (in a totally un-creepy way :) But you're right, she is BEAUTIFUL <3

  2. She is soooo pretty! Someone is coming home with me once she comes out!

  3. Yeah! She definitely has the Josefina face mold!:D I'm really excited too! I will have to see better pictures of her to decide if I want her or not!:)

  4. I LOVE her!I am so getting her when she comes out!BTW,I'm Lainey,and I have Saige,Molly,and Addison(MAG#44)!


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