Saturday, December 20, 2014

Doll Review: Malucia and Romy!

Hi everyone!

So awhile ago I got the Barbie doll Malucia and my sister got the doll Romy from the Barbie movie "The Secret Door". While I am not a big fan of the movie, the dolls are really cute! So I thought I would do a review on them.

Here they are! We'll start with Malucia. 

Here she is from the front...

...and the back.
I'm sorry to say with about five minutes of handling her curls were starting to come undone, but with limited handling I'm sure they will stay in. :)

The back of her shoes. I think the giant butterflies make them look odd.  
Here is a closer look at the detailing at the bottom of her dress. It goes all the way around.  
A closer look at her face. She kind of reminds me of an Ever After High doll. Her tiara comes on and off. 

Here is a closer looks at the top of her dress. She has dark purple puffed sleeves, and at the top a flowered fabric. There is a pink plastic belt around it, (which can not be removed unless with scissors.)

On to Romy, my sister's doll. She's a mermaid. 

The fins are pink. The top layer is thin plastic and the bottom layer is a taffetta-ish sort of fabric. 

Here is a closer look at the pattern on her tail. It's a "sparkly" light purple/blue. 

Her necklace comes on and off. 

Her top is plastic and permanently stuck on her skin. XP It's textured. 

Here is a closer look at her face. 

Her hair is red with pink streaks. 

She's a two-in-one doll, so if you pull up her tail it turns into a dress.

The skirt is made of a blue taffeta-ish (XD) material. 

She also came with dark purple high-heeled pumps. 

Overall they are very cute dolls and I totally recommend them! =)


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