Friday, November 7, 2014

Felicity and Mckenna Review: Prince Caspian!

Mckenna = RED, Felicity = PURPLE, and regular = me, Lydia. :)

Felicity and Mckenna climbed up onto the chair in front of the TV. Mckenna grabbed the remote.

"What are we going to watch?" asked Felicity. 

"Prince Caspian!"

Felicity sighed. "Can I chose?"


"You have a sweater with a mini skirt. Really." 
Now for us to tell you what we both thought of the second installment of the Narnia movies: Prince Caspian!  

This was an awesome movie!!! Loved it, totally would watch it again. 

I really wasn't the biggest fan of it. It had a lot of sword fighting and shooting.

How else would they make it exciting? 

Follow the book? I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I read it, but I wasn't cringing either!
Yes, I agree with you for once at least that it was really nothing like the book. But by itself as a movie it was amazing!

It had a few...interesting scenes in the beginning. If it is your first time watching it, you need to watch them to know what is going on, but if you don't really like the scenes and you watch it again it would not hurt to forward through them. 

Come on! You wanted to forward through almost all the movie! Ugh! 

I'm just going to ignore that. :) So Kenna, who was your favorite character? 

My favorite character was definitely--

I'm going to bet it's Peter. 


You said that to make me look bad. 

*innocent face*

*rolls eyes* My favorite character was Lucy. She was so sweet and even though she didn't fight, she loves Aslan with all her heart and is just...amazing. I love her. :)

The scene where there was that creepy creature was just wrong. 

I agree. I really didn't like that part. (To all you people, there was this SPOILER ALERT creepy creature and then this witch like came back to life END OF SPOILER or whatever and it was just wrong.) 

So, yeah. 

That's it!! Thanks for reading everyone and we hope you join us next time for our thoughts on "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"! 

*makes a face* 
So, yeah. I was just scrolling through my movies and I got an idea for two of the dolls to share their opinions on movies and TV shows. I just randomly grabbed two dolls, but I'm glad I grabbed Lissie and Kenna because they have such different personalities. :) Narnia was on my mind so I chose that. ^ _ ^

Thanks for reading. Hoping for a Peek into the Past tomorrow!

~Lydia~ <3 (And Mckenna and Felicity)


  1. Haha, I only ever read the very first book, but I want to finish Narnia :) We tagged you!

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  3. Cool! I've never seen Prince Caspian! :)
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