Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Price of Freedom - Part 4!


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"Where is Piper?" I demanded.

"Oh, do not worry. She is being treated as if she were a Queen." Madam grinned slyly. 

"Now, my dear. Tell me all you know about the necklace."

"What makes you think I know about it?" 

"First, my darling, you did not question me. You seem to know enough about it. Second..."

She pulled on the chain around my neck to reveal a necklace. She picked it up carefully.

"You are wearing it."

She turned around. "Strange, no electrical charge." Madam mumbled to herself.  

I smiled. She wanted an electrical charge? Then I'd give her one. I held out my hand and before she knew what was happening a beam of purple electricity shot from my hand. 

"YEOW!!!!!!!" Madam screamed. She electricity wore off and the purple on her hand faded away.

Madam whirled around. "No more stalling. Tell me everything you know. And no fakes. Or I will track you down little by little...and the consequences will be great." 

I sighed. "Alright." I would only give her limited amount of information. 

"T-t-there are six people in a group we call 'The Clan'." 

"We were all born with powers...there are more than six elements, but we only know of six. The necklace...really has nothing to do with it. It was just a way to cover the truth up." 

"Each person only has one power each except our leader. she possesses all the element's powers."  

"And do you know who this leader is?" Madam hissed. She put her arm on the handle of her sheathed sword. I knew she was handy with it and could use it faster than I could shoot my powers.

(Now told in the POV of Piper) 

I was thrown into the jail cell by some wacky guard. It was the same one Madam and Gloria were in.

I got in just in time to here her say

"Yes. I do know..."

Part 5 coming soon!

~Lydia~ <3


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