Friday, October 17, 2014

Nellie's Birthday Gifts

Hello everyone! 

It's Nellie! And a few days ago, I turned 15 years old! Since we have so many people in the family, each of us usually only gets one gift from all of my siblings. They all pitch in and give a little money to buy something. And then my cousins usually get something, too. So here are my presents!! :)

This is the thing my family got for me. PURPLE SHOES!! Aren't they so cute?

And my cousins got me this adorable apron!! Now I can bake without have to worry about my clothes! 

See you later! 
Hey everyone, Lydia again. October 15th was Nellie's birthday, according to the AGF  guide to AG birthdays. So I dug out some shoes from the purple meet outfit from one of the MAG meet outfits, and my sister pulled out an apron she never uses. ;-)

Sorry for such a short post. More soon!

~Lydia~ <3


  1. Happy birthday Nellie! I love those shoes on you!:)

  2. Whoa Nice! I Just discovered your blog! But I'm a year older than you + I Live in the Middle east D:

    But Anyhoo I LOOOVEEE YOUR BLOG!!! But I Like On Display dolls only For Example :

    Pullip Dolls


    and..other stuff XD



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