Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cleaning Doll rooms + Mini Photostory

Hey everyonee!

Sorry there wasn't any peek into the past yesterday. YUGH. I took pictures but then I wanted to do pictures of Lanie as well, and then that made me want to do a photoshoot but it was already nighttime. Plus my sister refused to give me the computer so I had to wait until today.

I also completely re-did my doll room and it took twice as long because I took out all the furniture and re-aranged it then I posed them to make it look like they were doing stuff.

Okay so yes that is why I did not put peek into the past up yesterday! :P

Ugh, I'm getting really discouraged about how my pictures are starting to come out. What is happening?! They all look either grainy or dark! :C

Here are some before and after pictures of my doll room:

Before (while I was cleaning it)

After :D
Tasha and Lilanna are chatting with Anna.  
Sorry about this picture's darkness, but Mckenna and Samantha are playing Price of Freedom, lol.

Amelia prefers to keep quiet and stay in the background. :}

(Sorry for the blurriness in this picture)
Molly is eating something...uhh...

Felicity is sort of a perfectionist so she is 'helping' Kanani put a box on the table. XD 

And Lanie is trying to get Nellie up. XD
Okay, and here is a little mini photostory about Kanani and Felicity going outside. I'm really sorry abou tmy sister's shadow in almost all of the pics. C:
told in the pov of kanani.
"Come on Felicity, it isn't that bad!" I told Felicity.

"Perhaps so, but it is FREEZING!"

"That's it, I can't take it anymore. I CAN'T TAKE ANOTHER STEP!" cried Felicity, resting on a rock.
"Felicity, we've walked halfway across the yard." I told her irritably. 

We walked over to a leaf pile. I threw a ball of leaves at her. She was so surprised she fell on her face!
She jumped back up and threw leaves at me. We had a great leaf fight. :P

Then I walked over to my favorite climbing tree where I started climbing. (Duh.) Felicity was worrying out loud about me falling, and she got so annoying I went down and we headed inside. 
Well, yes thanks so much for reading! And if you have any tips for taking better not grainy pictures get me know. :P

~Lydia~ <3


  1. Hmm.. I'm not really sure how to fix your camera, issues. Sorry. However, if you hadn't mentioned it, I wouldn't have really noticed. Nice job cleaning up the doll area! It looks a lot better when it is clean. ;)

    ~ Mint

  2. Nice post!
    I noticed you said you wanted to join my collab. I can make an exception for your age if you want :) go back to the auditions post and comment your email and I'll email you the form.



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