Saturday, August 16, 2014

Nellie's Vacation Photostory/photoshoot

Hey everyone!

I'm back and will be posting normally starting today! :D My family member is doing much better. :)

A couple weeks ago I took pictures for a short photostory and I also took a photoshoot with Nellie from that family member's house in the HUGE grassy field in front of his house. I have the 'Doll Photoshoot' book from american girl and I also tried some tips I read from The Dolls of Sweet Nokia Street. So there will be multible shots of one pose from different angles in some photos. I'm going to let Nellie take over now. Enjoy! :)

Hello everyone! It's Nellie. Mama took me on vacation! Sorry I'm in my PJs, BTW, I already got ready for bed. :P

This is the hump. It's super cool, rises above the rest of the room. It's pretty high. The shirt to my left is my day shirt and the books to my right are Narnia. Mama is obsessed with Narnia. XD 

And Mama said I could explore her family member's living room before I went to bed, so I looked at a cool scrapbook of when Mama was little! 

And then I looked out the window. There was very pretty scenery. I couldn't wait to play outside in the grass tomorrow! (There isn't any grass in Mama's family's yard.) 

Now I'm here in the morning, all dressed and stuff! This is Duffy, my stuffed bear. My Aunt purchased him for me when she went to DisneyWorld. :) 

After a delicious breakfast of Rice Crispies, I head outside to play in the grass. And of course, my Mama wants to take a photoshoot of me playing. So, here you go! :)

I had fun rolling down the grassy hill.

Oooh, flowers! 

Mama did this just for fun. It makes you dizzy just looking at it! :-O

This HUGE field in off limits. It had birds, foxes and bugs in it, but it's so pretty to look at! :)

Wait...she took a picture of this?! AHHHH!!!! 

Haha, this is hilarious. I threw Nellie up in the air and took a picture. This is how it turned out. XD 

My hair looks like an octopus! 

This picture looks a little funny. XP
Well, thanks for reading! :)

~Lydia~ <3


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