Tuesday, August 26, 2014

MORE BeForever!

Hey everyone!

NOTE: I'm not trying to offend anyone, these are just my opinions on the new items and I would LOVE to hear yours!

Okay. Let's take a look at some of Samantha's items here!

Now, THIS BED is SO CUTE. It's just like a must buy for me. I MUST HAVE THAT BED!!

Her nightwear. Pink. Which is okay. I'm sure some people at the turn of the century must have had pink nightwear, right? 

Now, her riding outfit is so cute, and I can see that shirt with some of my other clothing pieces.

HOWEVER, the bike. No. NONONONONONONONONO!!! IT'S JUSTPINK! Okay I have done my homework and I didn't see that many bikes that were PINK! Gahh! I am TIRED of pink! Next thing you know they'll make Josefina's oven pink. :-/ HOWEVER other than the pink, it's a really cute and historically accurate bike! I think I could maybe paint it so it was a black. Then, yay! The perfect bike for meeee

Her outfit is adorable!

And OMGUMDROPS I love this set! Even though it's pink it is SOOO cute! But knowing AG it'll probably be like, 200 dollars. :-/

The chair right there. I HAVE THE EXACT SAME CHAIR except it is a lighter shade of pink. Does this chair ring a bell? 

It's from the Sweet Treats table, released in 2007 and I have no idea when discontinued! I actually have this table set. I found out they are selling for like $120.00 on Ebay. Wow.

Yes, anyway, that's the updates on the releases! Stay tuned as we count down the days...2 more days to go!!

~Lydia~ <3  


  1. Oh my cows potatoes! I didn't make the chair connection until now! I got the lighter pink chair years ago, and I really like the bakery set. I resembles and older bakery set I always wanted, but was sold out before I was able to get it. I agree on the bike, it's cute, but too pink for her era; however, it would be cute as a modern bike. :)

    ~ Mint

  2. They're really cute, I just think there's a bit too much pink :/ Also, June and I nominated you for an award on our blog, congrats!!

    1. I totally aggree girl!

      Thanks so much! :)

      ~Lydia~ <3


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