Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New American Girl Things!


There are some new ag things on the website! check 'em out! :-)

MAG #61 - *dies* SHE IS SO PRETTY!!! GIMMME HER NOOOOW!!! I am 99.999999999% sure I'll be getting her.  XD 

Pet Ballerina Outfit - Oh My Gumdrops! That's adorable! I like the tiara, but what's with the big high heel? 

Sporty Pet Outfit - This is adorable! 

Bee Myself Outfit for Dolls - This is sooo cute! It just might be my doll's next Dolloween costume...;-)

Bouqet Nightstand - This is adorable, but it doesn't really go with the bed. Bed - blue. Nightstand - pink. 

Charm-ing Pet Colar-It's pretty neat how you can put your pet's name on there! It reminds me of my Roxo bracelet, LOL 

Accent Braid Clips - What is the point for these? They are already SO easy to put on by yourself. :-/

Bright Stripes Outfit - Ahhh! Love this outfit! Except for the shoes, but it's adorable other than that! :-D 

Trail Accesories - This is awesome! I love the binoculars and the hat...the canteen is so cool! This is on my wishlist for sure. 

Camp Treats Set - One word - WANT.

Chocolate Lab Puppy - May Chocolate reign on! xD Next to Honey Chocolate was my favorite AG pet and I was pretty bummed when they made him so far as the price goes this is no improvement but still! And they brought back the little magnets that the pets can hold! *Punches air with fists* YES YES YES!! Oh, right, AG used to make the Coconut toys have the toys they could hold in his mouth. 

Bouqet Bed and Bedding - This is super cute! But it's WAY to expensive for  me to get the whole thing ;-( 

Coconut Cutie Outfit - I love this outfit! The shirt with the coconut and nerd glasses, the skirt, THE SHOES. The clips are cute but not my favorite. 

Blossoms Color and Leash - Adorable! I love everything about this! (And the leash is my favorite color :P) 

Corgi Puppy - His face is soooo cute, but I'm probably not getting this guy. 

Wrap Watch - Mmmm....

Dalmation Puppy - Awwwww!! HIS WHITTLE POSIE WOSIE! 

Cuddles and Cures Pet Set - To adorable! I love the little stethoscope. I wonder if this stuff would fit the other pets...hmmm.... 

Pet Camping Outfit - Cute but not my favorite. I don't really like the fish. :P And the colors don't really go that well together...

Isabelle's Fashion Sketchbook - I haven't taken a 'Peek Inside;' this so I don't really know what it's about, but I like the cover. xD  

Isabelle's Sparkle Dress - This is super cute! I don't really see the point for the random sequins at the bottom, though. 

Himalayan Kitten - YAY! I love AG's new cat!! 

Karate Class Set - I don't do karate, but they did a nice job with the set. :-) 

2-in-1 Cheer Gear - Hmm, cute! I don't do cheer but the set is adorable. (Love the megaphone!!!)

Preppy Pet Outfit - Super adorable, but I don't see the use for the flower. 

Jeweled Collar and Leash - Very pretty! If I ever get a girl pet, I'll probably get this along with it. :-) 

Pet Earrings - They are cute, but I liked the past pet earrings better. 

Pet Celebration - I liked the old one better. AG always has to make the remakes pink. 6_6 

Princess Pet Bed - Very cute! 

Funky Pet Bed - This one might come home with me! 

Petal Pet Outfit - *dies of cuteness* SOOOO ADORABLE!! 

Petals and Plaid PJs - I really like this! The undershirt is very cool, and I like the print on the shirt. :-D 

Violet Heart Watch - IT'S VIOLET! *punches air with fists* YES YES YESSSSS!!!!! 

Spiky Collar and Leash - I've seen better. 

3-in-1 Ring Set - This is to cute! Probably getting them sometime. 

School Stripes Dress - Very cute, but a little overwhelming. I love the sneakers, though! 

Skateboarding Set - THIS IS A MUST HAVE!! I LOVE THIS!!! The hightop sneakers are AWESOME! 

Sunset Sleepover Bag - I liked the other one better, but this one is cute to. :-)

Sparkly Camp Outfit - Seriously AG? Who would wear this while going camping?...

Starry Hoodie Outfit - I love everything about this outfit! My favorite in this release! 

Sunset Sleepover Tent - I liked the other one better, but this one is ok. Check out the purple light up lantern, though! Who doesn't love that?!

Can't remember what this is called - This is REALLY cute, I love the stickers and how you can put the name of the pet on there! 
That's all the stuff I got. I know I missed a few things, but pretty much all of them. :-)

~Lydia~ <3


  1. I will definitely be getting the skateboard set. I love the Starry Hoodie set! Not impressed really by Isabelle's Sparkle Dress. :( The Accent Braid Clips are pretty silly. And the new MAG is so PRETTY! SHE'S BEAUTIFUL!!! Looks nothing like me, BUT WHO CARES!!!

  2. Hey Lydia, I nominated you for the Daisy Chain Award on my blog!

    ~Mama Hen


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