Monday, July 21, 2014

My Doll Room Tour


First I want to say the 'Meet the Dolls' page is under construction, so if you just went there and it looked crazy sorry about that. :P (Now I probably made ya'll go look at it XD)

Today I will give you a tour of my doll's room.
So here is Tania, Megan and Mckenna's bed. Tania is about to drift off to sleep and Meg is watching Felicity and Molly play dolls. It's Mckenna's loft bed, complete with all the bedding that I got as a late Christmas present like two or three years ago, and I just opened a few months ago. 

And here is Tasha, sitting at the desk and playing with her doll Kit. 
Here is the first book, a 25th birthday special addition mini doll book. For Kirsten. 

Second, a 25th birthday special addition mini doll book for Molly.  

Third, a 25th birthday special addition mini doll book for Samantha. 

Fourth, a 25th birthday special addition mini doll book for Kit.

(Sorry for blurryness in this picture) A Harry the Dirty Dog book that came with Mckenna's set. 

(My camera was being funky that day, sorry) A Meet Molly book from a Molly mini doll.  

A 25th birthday special addition mini doll book for Marie-Grace.

Fantastic Gymnastics book that came with Mckenna's accessories. 

On the second shelf, we have the little clock

And the hamster cage that holds Dot and his things. 

On the billboard there are some papers and a #1 ribbon. 

And on the desk, a lamp that came with the bed, a mini Lalaloopsy doll (April Sunsplash), a cup from Caroline's party set, and a cresent roll sandwich from a set I don't remember.  

On the bottom shelf some twisties and a pencil, a pad of paper. (MY CAMERA WAS ACTING SOOO FUNKY) 

Here is Kanani, Jubaliee, Anna, and Theresa's bed. (Felicity's bed.) 

Under there, some stuff with loose odds and ends I use for photoshoots. 

At the head of Felicity's bed is the OG hairstyling chair and here is Theresa sitting there with her bear. 

(Turn your head) This is Felicity and Molly's bed. (Molly's limited edition bed.) (You can't see Molly's doll). 

Amelia is like "AHH!" XD This is Samantha's retired table and chairs, which my mom bought me off Ebay for a christmas present. (Thanks, mom!)  
And right there is Lanie, Caroline, Ruth and Lilanna's bed.
(Nellie sleeps on the floor, and Chepi and Amelia sleep in a different bed I didn't show you.)

So, that's basically my doll room. Hope you enjoyed!

~Lydia~ <3  


  1. Cute doll room!

  2. I awarded you -
    ♥ Autumn

  3. I love your dolls' room! So neat and tidy, unlike my dolls' at the moment. :P

    1. Thanks!
      Haha, don't feel bad. You should SEE the place when I clean it out or don't use it for awhile. It looks like a BOMB exploded in there! NOT pretty. XD
      ~Lydia~ <3


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