Sunday, July 6, 2014

Daisy Chain Award


My friend Mama Hen nominated me for the Daisy Chain Award! Thanks! :-) 

So you answer the questions the nominator asked you and then link to 5 blogs and then ask the nominies eight questions. xD 

1. How long have you been collecting dolls? 
For, uh, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 years now. I started collecting dolls when I was 3, and now I'm 10! :-O 
2. What doll brands do you have or want to have? 
Have: American Girl, A Girl for All time, Our Generation, just plain porcelain, and some disney princess toddler dolls. Want: My Twinn and um, I can't remember the name at the moment. XP 
3. Are your dolls geeks, fashionistas, or something else?
They all have different personalities. :-) 
4. Are you excited for the BeForever makeover from AG? 
YES! I love the new covers and most of the meet outfits, plus the time travel books. The only thing I don't like is the best friends going. IT'S SO SAD! I might get somebody sometime soon though! (I'm evil and mysterious gals, mwahahahahaha)
5. Have you ever taken your dolls to the park, plays, etc.?
This year and last year, a couple times for some photo-shoots but not very often. Not because I'm embarrassed (I'm a little to young for that don't you think?) but because it's a bother to carry them around when I'm trying to read, play etc. 
6. Do you like making your own doll clothes and accessories? 
Sometimes, but not very often. 
7. Do you prefer videos or photostories? 
I like both the same. 
8. Do you prefer MyAGs or historical? 
I like the historicals better, although the my ags are really cool to (y'know, their own virtual world and stuff.) 

The nominies: 

1. Do you like to write?
2. Are your dolls modern and dress up in modern clothes, or do they dress up in clothes from their historical time period to?
3. What do you think of BeForever?
4. Which best friend is your favorite? Why?
5. What do you like better to blog about, AG news or your own stories/photostories?
6. How many dolls do you have?
7. TOTURE QUESTION!! If you had to give away ALL of your dolls except 1, which one would you keep?
8. How is your day going?

~Lydia~ <3 

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