Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cleaning Chaos ~ A Photostory


I made this photostory a couple weeks ago when I was deep cleaning my doll's room. Pretty pointless, but I was bored. xD It took two days! Literally! :P Anyway, I'll let Amelia take over. :-}

Hi everyone! 

It's Amelia. Today I have experienced the cleaning chaos of the Therese household. Mom asked us to clean our room today and...oh, boy! xD 

"How do these things get so dirty?" 


Once it got a little sunnier I was assigned the task of beating out the mattresses and leaving them out so they could air out. 

Here are all the mattresses. 

This is the only thing I could find to beat out the pillows and stuff. xD 


Hope you enoyed that pointless little photostory. :-}

(With help from ~Lydia~ <3)

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