Saturday, May 3, 2014

Birthday party! - a Photostory


Since we have three birthdays in April, (Lilianna's on the first, she turned 8, Molly's on the 22nd, she turned 9, and Felicity's on the 21st, she turned 10.) I decided to have one big birthday party for all of them .=D I went to Staples yesterday and got them all presents and so did their aunt (my sister, she loves my dolls to xD) for under $15! Here are some pictures! (And sorry for the quality, I mean the darkness,. :P)

The three birthday girls got to sit at the table and open their presents! Felicity opened the one from her aunt first. "This is so cool!" She exclaimed, holding up her new diary/writing pad/journal.

Molly got the same thing, except it was striped and colored. "Thanks Aunt Jojo!" She said, smiling. 
Lilyanna was excited to get her first diary, a purple owl one! Everyone thanked their aunt and then moved onto the presents from me. :)

Lilyanna opened her's first. She tore through the paper.

"AWESOME!" Lilyanna said as she took her new Hello Kitty stuffed animal out of the box.

"And look at these cool Hello Kitty pens! Thanks mom!"

Molly opened hers next. "Neat, a Pinkie Pie toy! Thanks!"

Felicity opened her's last. "Cool, colored duct tape! Thank you!"

I also decided to get something for my newest 'daughter'. 


Screamed Amelia. "It's Big Ben!"

YES I KNOW I GOT A GIRL FOR ALL TIME DOLL!!! AHHH! Amelia! She was so cute I could not resist her. I ordered her for my birthday and she just came in the mail yesterday. She is so adorable and I am so happy to add her to my doll family! Keep a look out for her on the meet the dolls page. Oh, and if you haven't, check out A girl For All Time's Website, HERE!

Welp, I'm off to watch Star Trek. See you!

~Lydia~ <3


  1. Very nice gifts! Looks like a fun party.

  2. I agree, nice gifts. I nominated you for the magneobio award


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