Monday, May 12, 2014



I'm sure your excited as I am about these new books from AG! At least that's what they sound like, according to the American Girl Publishing Website!  I am SO excited! Actually, I saw this 'My Journey with Samantha' thing on one of the American Girl Fourm's surveys about a year ago. I prefer the other cover that I saw and was asked my opinion of, but these covers are way cool to! I can't wait for these!
Okay, so maybe I got just a we bit to excited when I saw the covers...they are so cool and I LOVE them!

But, oh no. No be forever covers for MG & CC! This is just one of the signs they will probably be retired. :(
I am so thrilled they did these for Kaya! She is so pretty. This is the book cover for Kaya's 'My Journey' book. 

This is Caroline's 'My Journey' book cover. I like her hair, although it isn't really curly enough, don't you think? 

            I think that looks cool, and I think that she really looks so much like Julie. But, I would have liked it if they put Ivy in the cover, to. (She is the next AG doll on my wishlist :}) 

Here is Julie's 'My Journey' book cover. Her hair looks kind of messy in my opinion, but she is really cute overall!  
This is Kit's 'My Journey' book cover. Like Lulu and Bella said over at Doll MAG, I LOVE Kit's dress here! I really hope they make this into a dress for dolls. :)

LOVING Rebecca's purple coat here! And her face is so cute! This is my favorite cover out of all the Be Forever books. :) 

I don't really like this cover, firstly, where has her meet outfit gone? And secondly, look at her face. It's just not my favorite, that's all. 
Rebecca's 'My Journey' book cover. Rebecca looks evil. Anyone else feel that way? :-/ 

And, here is Samantha's 'My Journey' book. Now I LOVE this cover. Her locket, her face, the headband looks a little modern but let's face it, AG isn't that focused on making things historically accurate as much as they are making money.

Overall, these covers are so cool and I can't wait to read all the 'My Journey' books. I wish they were time travel, but oh well. Maybe someday. ;)

~Lydia~ <3 


  1. I know, I think the first Rebecca one was my fave :)

  2. They actually are making Kit's dress into an outfit. I think it is her new Meet Outfit? I don't think Ivy or any other the best friends dolls are staying, so thats probably why they didn't add Ivy. Sorry if I'm wrong about the BFF dolls!

    1. You are right, I'm just saying I would like it if they had put her on the cover. :) And yes they are going to retire the BFF least I'm 99.9% sure they will xD
      Really? Cool! I really like the color :)
      ~Lydia~ <3


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