Monday, April 14, 2014

Samantha's Adventures #1

Hello everyone!

Today, I would like to share with you a story about my dolls. Well, not me, but kind of similar. Anyway...
You probably don't know this unless you where on the AG fan Message Board before I left and then before it closed, but I discovered my love of writing when I was writing a simple, normal, not at all exciting story about dolls! Then I posted it on the Message Board. So, I made a more exciting chapter. I had to leave the board before I finished the book. (Everyone was like aaaaa! Do the dolls get found out or WHAT?) Anyway, I really enjoyed writing that book and I want to start it up again. I don't really remember the exact story, but this will be based on my book. It would normally be posted on (Story Central) but this is about dolls so I thought it would be cool. Here is chapter one!! (And maybe two. LOL) This also might be an ongoing book, (I just add to it when I feel like it. In other words, it never ends.) So, here it is! :D

Chapter One: The Camping Trip

 I tramped through the yard, the autumn leaves crunching beneath our feet. We were tugging our suitcases behind us, trying to make some faster progress across the yard. The Human was gone for a week, so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to go camping. As long as we kept track of seven days, and didn't let our human see that dolls could walk, we could have a great time.
Oh, what's that? Yes, I am a doll. I'm Samantha Parkington, to be exact. I can walk, and talk. But don't tell Human that, though! She owns all the american girl dolls. Yea, she's rich. She lives in a huge mansion, there is every kind of room imaginable and whatever other whatnot you can imagine in her oversized house. She doesn't act snooty, though.  She has rooms for all of us and created a little dolly universe for us or something. But we sometimes just like to get out into the real, and yet again over-sized world.
My thoughts where interrupted by a scream from Cecile Rey. I jumped.
"Cecile, what's wrong?!" I asked, looking at her with a concerned look.
 "Lo-o-o-k right there!" She said, pointing ahead of us. I turned my head forward to face a big dog-hamster thing! (A squirell to all you humans). I screamed. The creature turned and ran toward the woods, then disepeared into the trees. Cecile shivered. "If we have to face anymore weird looking creatures like that, goodbye woods!" I laughed.
We entered the woods and made our campsite behind some trees.
Cecile and I attempted to get the tent up. After at least a gazillion tries, we finally managed to get it to stand. Taking in my purple sleeping bag, and Cecile taking in her grey one, we set up a little home away from home, complete with two flashlights at the end of the sleeping-bags, like lamps. We climbed out and started to get firewood for the fire.
I glanced around, just to make sure there weren't any dog-hamster creatures roaming about before I went a little furthur into the woods to collect the sticks and twigs. After about 20 minuets of picking up sticks, I carried my armload of wood back to the campsite. I met Cecile there, and we started a fire with our match. I pulled up two logs in front of the blazing flames and plopped down, ready to eat.
Cecile pulled out two burgers from the backpack and we grilled them on the grill. After about 10 minutes they were ready and we hungrily gobbled them up. Then I changed into My PJs and Cecile changed into hers. We climbed into our tent and snuggled into our sleeping bags. I then fell fast asleep with Cecile.

How did you like it? :)

~Lydia~ <3


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