Tuesday, April 22, 2014

MagNioBio Award!


Postponed until tomorrow is my little list of AG presents I recieved.

 Christian Homeschooler over at Treasured Friendships with a Flair nominated me for the MagNioBio Award! Thank Christian Homeschooler! OK so how it works is I answer questions that the person who nominated me asks, then I nominate more people and give them questions to ask! Here we go!
(Note: Guess what?! Most of you have gotten the Liebster Award, right? Well, Liebster is apparently German for Darling! So it is basically The Darling Awards! :-O)

1. Besides American Girl dolls, what doll brands are your favorites?

Well, A Girl for All Time are very pretty dolls (although I don't have one) and I really like Disney Store Toddler Dolls as well. :)

2. What do you think of A Life of Faith dolls?

Oh my goodness. I have always wanted a life of Faith Doll. I wish they had not stopped selling them, or else I would totally get Elsie Dinsmore! 

3. Which of the original Historical Characters(Molly, Kirsten, and Samantha) do you like best?

Molly has always been my favorite historical character that was my favorite. :)

4. What do you think is the best blogging tip?

Make friends online and make friends with people with the same interests. If you make friends online, you are not only not lonely, but pow! You have lots of followers! (But make sure to be safe, to. ;) ) 

5. What do you like to read about the most on other girl’s doll blogs(for example, photo-stories, crafts, photo-shoots, reviews)? 

Photo stories and photo story series are my favorites. 

6. What is your favorite Girl of the Year doll?


7. Which Historical Character friend is your favorite?

Ivy! (No offence, Nellie, I love you to.) Ivy is so adorable.

8. Do you ever look on eBay for good deals on American Girl items?

Sometimes but not very often. My mom is really strict about shopping online without parent's permission, but if I am looking for a retired doll or clothing for real cheap that is an exception. :)

9. What do you think about highlights for dolls’ hair?

They are okay but I don't really want my 'girls' wearing them unless it is a special occasion.

 10. Of the dolls you have, which is your favorite(if you have one)?

TORTURE QUESTION! LOL JK! Nellie, she was my first american girl doll and will always have a special place in my heart. <3 

Alright, the blogs I nominate!

My questions: 
1. Have you ever Eaten Dog or Cat Food? 
2. What is your Favorite Drink?
3. Do you do InnerstarU? If so are there any updates you want on it? (I know I want a lot of MAJOR updates on it.) 
4. What is your favorite doll out of ALL the american girl dolls EVER?
5. Are you the 'mother' to your dolls or do you pretend the dolls live in a house by themselves?
6.  Do you play any sports?
7. What is your favorite doll sized find? (Not from AG)
8. What is the biggest thing you have from AG? (Besides dolls)
9. What is your favorite Computer Account?
10. What is the doll you want next? (It does not have to be AG) 
Have fun! 
~Lydia~ <3

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