Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How this website came to be!


I thought it would be fun to tell you a little about how this website came to be. Here we go! :D

I got inspired by Liz, over at the AMAZING and forever popular American Girl Fan.com. I was searching for possible info about the next GOTY. I came upon that website, and I instantly fell in love with it! My dolls were sort of collecting dust, (I loved them, but I never really played with them.) So, thanks to her, I came to love dolls again. I played with them, constantly talked about them, and was totally obsessed! I had 5 AG dolls at the time. I found out that you could also start a free website called a blog, (thanks to the amazing google search). I really wanted a blog, but it took my about two years for my mom to let me have a website. While those two years were going on, I blogged on my mom's google account. I made the header and blogged. Then she finally let me have a website when I told her it would be simple and private. So, I started off with my first blog - er, website. Dolls to Perfection, with a share site on Shutterfly.com. (I still have it, even though I never post on it or even visit it, I keep it for sentimental reasons. Check it out  HERE! Also, I made another website to share my stories, thoughts and randomness, also private and on Shutterfly.com. (Check it out, HERE!)  After about two months, I asked my mom if I could make a site on blogger. She said no. I checked it out a little more and I found out you could make it private! Under that condition, she said yes. So, I started my blog and made it private. (I asked if she could guess what it was going to be about, and she said, "Let me guess, american girls?" She was annoyed because I was SUPER DUPER obsessed with them then. But I'm like, "And books!" and so that's how the name came to be.) And so, I blogged for a couple months with only my friends seeing the blog. But then, (on my ninth birthday) she finally said it could be public! YAY! So now I have 13 amazing followers. And that's how this website came to be!

~Lydia~ <3


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    1. Thank you! :D And super congrats on finishing your book! Hopefully you will get it published and I can read it???...

      ~Lydia~ <3

  2. Great blog! When did you start it (public)?
    - Hannah


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