Thursday, April 17, 2014

Felicity's Trip to the Theater! - Photostory

Hi everyone! It's Felicity. My mom took me to the movie theater. 

OH. MY. GOODNESS. I could sit here for days eating ALL of this delicious...mouthwatering....popcorn....

Meh, this is good enough.

I know! The box is half the size of me! Cheers! We weren't aloud to take pictures of/in/at the theater. But mom took more pictures after the movie! Can you guess which movie we saw?

The Lego Movie! Here I am with Wild Style. Er - Lucy.

Oh, hi Emmet! Wassup? I loved your movie!

Thanks for reading!


With help from
~Lydia~ <3 (these were taken with my emergency camera, sorry for the quality.)


  1. We have recently seen the Lego movie! It turned out to be awesome (Haha everything is awesome). :)

    P.S. The popcorn looks so good!

    1. Yes it was an amazing movie. And yes, the popcorn was sooo delicious! We got extra butter on it....



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