Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt - Photostory

Hi everyone!

Happy happy Easter! Don't forget to celebrate Jesus's resurrection! (But have fun with bunny cakes and chocolate to. ;) )

Most of the dolls had wanted to stay inside to help make Easter dinner, but some of my girls and their cousins wanted to have a fun Easter egg hunt outside! "GO!" I cried.

The girls quickly scattered about looking for eggs.

"I found one!!" Ruth screamed. (No, she literally screamed...)

She ate the chocolate inside and then dropped the egg into the basket, then sat on the step and waited for all the rest of the dolls.

Kirsten sighed. "I haven't found one yet." "I'm sure you'll find one soon!" I said. "The Easter egg hunt has only just started."

Mckenna was digging in the dirt when - "Oh look!" She stuffed the chocolate in her pocket and dropped it in the basket.

Elizabeth was hunting at the far side of the yard. "What is our cookie jar doing outside?" Elizabeth wondered. "Oh, look! Easter eggs!"

Getting full!

"Oh, an egg!"
"And three more in this way oversized container!" Lanie cried. She raced back to the bucket and dropped them all in. "All the egss have been found!" I said. "The Easter egg hunt is over!"

Kirsten sighed and stopped hunting. She went back over to the porch and frowned. "I didn't find any." Kirsten said, sniffing.

Lanie smiled. "Here, Kirsten. You can have one of mine!" 'Thank you thank you Lanie!" Kirsten cried.

Kirsten enjoying her chocolate. :)

And here is the bukcet filled with all the eggs. A lot, eh?

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter! :D

~Lydia~ <3

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