Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Library! A Photostory

Hello everyone!
I was getting bored, and I needed to do a photostory. So I came up with this one! Enjoy! :D

Ruth dotted the last few is and ts on her homeschool paper. "Done!" She said happily.

Ruth stood up and joined Tania, Molly and Mckenna on the other side of the room.
Molly and the girls were standing around and staring at each-other, getting very bored of the activity. Ruth joined them.
Molly sat down and said with frusteration, "I'm SO BORED!" She said. "What will we do?"
Tania, who was always filled with good ideas, said, "Why don't we play library?" The girls all agreed this was a good idea. 
The girls quickly set about making the library out of their home school area. 
The girls all agreed that Tania should be the librarian, since she had come up with the idea. "Hello, can I help you?" Tania asked in a grown-up voice. "I would like to borrow-" 

"This book, please!" Ruth said, taking Charlotte's Web from the line of books on the counter. "Certainly. Just sign here please." Tania answered.
The girls spent the rest of the day playing library! 
 Hope you enjoyed the photo story! Also, please check my meet the dolls page for two new dolls to meet, Tania and Anna!



  1. This is so cute, where did you get the little books? Just wanted to say I nominated you for the liebster award. Check it out on my blog foreverlovedolls.blogspot.ca

    1. Thanks! I got the historical books from the 25th Anniversary Mini Doll Collection from AG, and Harry the Dirty Dog, Charlotte's Web, and Judy Moody was in a Mood are from Mckenna's Loft Bed. :)

  2. I love it! Great blog!


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