Friday, March 28, 2014

Samantha Logo!?


AG posted on their Facebook page something important about Samantha: her new LOGO!

Samantha Parkington never met a tree she couldn’t climb, a rule she couldn’t ruffle or a friend she couldn’t help. We’re excited she’s coming back this fall to inspire girls to be their very best. How does your girl inspire others? Share with us below!
OK, IDK. I love the logo! But it does not really say Samantha. She was a tomboyish sort of girl, not a frilly no mess no fuss girl.
Next thing you know they will make the doll's hair blonde and totally revise the offence, I am SO excited about Samantha's return! But, ya'know I hope her collection isn't really cheap. I also don't want them to change her meet outfit. I hope hope hope they don't change her meet outfit!
Oh, and keep a look out for a giveaway post later today! 

Will you buy Samantha or any of her collection? What do you think of the logo? 

~Lydia~ <3

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