Friday, March 14, 2014


Hi everyone!

Today I'm so excited because...american girl is having a Sale, for 40% off! There are eleven pages filled with things on sale! I might buy a book or two, but nothing big. :P Here are some things I would like to get if I had the money. :)

Casual Chic Outfit - This is so cute! I love the hat and the sweater. The shoes aren't my favorite, but maybe I could make them work with something. 

Knit Booties for Girls - AK! These look so cozy that I might just waist my money on them. LOL.

Vanity and Accessories - This is so cute! I love the pitcher and the perfume bottle...I wish I could get this! :)

   Edited to Add: I found out that you can use the code BLOOM for free shipping over $100!                                                                        

Will you buy anything from the sale? 



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