Friday, February 14, 2014

New AG Items!

Hello everyone!

Today I am posting about the brand new items that American Girl has released! I am so excited! Here is my opinion on them. :)

Jingle Dress of Today - This has pink in it! This is so cute and I'm glad that AG added a dress for Kaya, her collection is very tiny compared to the other doll's. 

Happy Birthday Outfit - This is adorable! I love the skirt and the tiara! And the present and birthday card are to cute! 

Julie's Hairstyling Set - This is really cute. I love the yellow and how the flattening iron (I think) is yellow. So cool! :D And Julie looks almost to cute in the bows. 

Intruders at Revermead Manor, A Kit Mystery - This looks really exciting and I can't wait to read it! I'm glad AG is coming out with some new books - the three should last me at least 4 hours - LOL!! 

A Growing Suspicion, A Rebecca Mystery -  This looks like a really good mystery and I can't wait to read it. I've got to pick this up and The Crystal Ball at my local bookstore - I have dying to read that one! :D

Addy's Hairstyling Set - This is adorable - I love how they are coming out with these sets for some of the most popular historical characters. This one looks amazing on Addy! 

Kit's Hairstyling Set - I didn't get to see Kit in her little hair clips but this still looks really cute! I love the old-fashion clip holder. :D

Floral Swim Outfit & Gear - This is adorable! I love the sundress and the flippers and snorkle are adorable, as well. This is something I really want. :D

Rainy Day Outfit - I new this one was coming out a couple days before it was released. Ruth was modeling it. She looks just to cute!! I MUST GET THIS!! 

Julie's Dance Set - OH. MY. GOODNESS. This is so AWESOME!! I LOVE this outfit! This is an absolute MUST for me! 

Double Bow Dress - This is really cute and it is one of my favorite colors (Yea.) but I don't really think I'll get this unless my mom gasps at it and says "This is so cute! I want to buy this for you for your birthday!" LOL. 

Kit's Candy-Making Set - This is soooo cute! This is another must have for me. :)

The Travler's Tricks, A Caroline Mystery - This looks like another great read from American Girl. I can't wait to pick this one up at the bookstore! 

Rebecca's School Play Set - This is so cute! I really want this. I love the colors and then the set is just so adorable! 

Dinning Table and Accessories - I have to admit I like this one more than the other dinning table but this one just a little bit to bright for my doll room. (Not that will get anymore tables.) 

Egg Decorating Set - This is really cute and I really like it! I want this really badly and though it probably won't end up with my dolls in time for Easter I still really want it. :D

Rebecca's Hairstyling Set  - This is really cute! I love the curling iron and the comb thingy and the bow! I really want this it would look great on Caroline with her Birthday Dress! 
That is my opinions on the items. Do you like the items from AG? Which ones are your favorites?


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