Monday, February 24, 2014

American Girl Club(s)!


Today I will share with you something I do a lot, I use it for homeschool and I love it, it is so much fun! I found out about it at a homeschool conference. It's called Currclick! It has a lot of live classes and learning resources, if you are homeschooled you might want to show it to your parents. :) Anyway, they have an american girl club, it is completely free and tons of fun! It is a live class, you can use a chat box to chat with other members and answer questions that the teacher (you can see her through video, but nobody can see you.) asks you. You get to see her daughter and she shows you a craft you can do related to the american girl. It is really fun, and I like I said before, completely free!

Alright, if you want to purchase it, check out these links:

If you are homeschooled, check out THIS!

If you are not homeschooled, search american girl club in the search bar.

Also, speaking of american girl clubs, please comment below with your email if you would like to join my american girl club! (I will not publish your comment. :) ) Hopefully I will get it back up and running soon, so join me! :D


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