Saturday, January 4, 2014

The New Doll Ceremony! (A Photostory)

Hi everyone!
I took the pictures for the photo-story! So, here it is! Enjoy the very first photo-story I have done in a super long time...*whistles*
Everyone was excited for the new doll. They all looked to find seats, and the room was filled with "move over!" and "I was here first!"

Cyndy was running around and asking everyone "When is she gonna get here?" Soon the ceremony started, and she was escorted upstairs. 

Nellie said a few words in Norwiegan, and then the new doll started walking to the front of the room!

Everyone gasped as another girl followed!

And now I present, Molly and Chepi! Nellie said. 

The room was suddenly filled with cheers. Honey jumped out of Felicity's lap and started licking Molly. Everyone else stood up to meet their new sisters.

I'm so glad to have Molly! 

She is sooooo cute! 

I also got her swimsuit, and her polka-dot outfit..
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