Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy NewYear and GOTY 2014!

Ok, so I got just a little over excited when I saw Isabelle. I new her name, what she looked like, and her story, but I mean she is just to cute!
I was going to do a special post right at 12:00 New Year but, after like a week in PA, the internet still was not connected! D: So, I'm doing it right now. :)
Here are the new mix and match outfit pieces for dolls. ^
Isabelle's Performance Set. I'm not really a big fan of this one, but it is cute. I might get it. :)
Isabelle's Metallic Dress. I really like this one! I noticed it was a little bit of the same style as Saige's Sparkle Dress. See the over the shoulder thing? 
Isabelle's Pajamas. These are PURPLE!! Yay. I love purple. One out of 2 fav colors. I want this soooo bad! 
More of the mix and match outfits. :)

Isabelle is SOOOO CUTE!! I admit it, I like everything I see from AG. It's sad to say, though, that "sniff" They made her price even HIGHER!! (AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!) 120 dollars. 
Isabelle's Sewing Set. So it looks like The Doll Wardrobe was right! YES! But it is way to overpriced. Come on, 200 dollars?!

I entered this and it is really cool! (And, if you are wondering, Anna Hart is the school were Isabelle goes. You won't go off the AG site.) 
Oh, and my girl(s) photostory will be here soon! It's on my to do list today to take the pictures.


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