Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hi, everyone! :)
I have a couple topics to post about today! (Read the post below to read another topic. ;))

                                     Chrissa Stands Strong:An American Girl Movie~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I did a little searching on YouTube for Chrissa Stands Strong, since I just read the Chrissa books and loved them, (I would have read them sooner but my mom said I had to wait until I was nine and could handle the bullying) I decided I really wanted to see the movie. (My mom said yes as I am now nine) I found the Full Chrissa Movie! (Read the post below to see it! :)) It's really good. Though Tara was really mean, she is SUPER pretty. They picked out a really good actor for her. Chrissa could have been a better character. The posters were NOT cool. You'll know what I mean by that when you watch the movie. ;) Watch for the book reviews for Chrissa and Chrissa Stands strong! :)
2 AG Facts I just learned~~~~~~~~~~~~~
First, they only had one book at first for the GOTYs, but then it changed when Nicki came along. Second, I learned AG made copys of the Marisol book mini! I have it right here in my house. :D

Love, Lydia

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