Monday, April 29, 2013

My Entry for Flower's GOTY Contest!

Flower is having a contest! Go enter, here! :)

What's her name?
Achava Lon
What's the year?
She is the GOTY 2014.
What's her story?
When Achava gets told that she is going to move with her family, she looks forward to it. She is going to see her cousins and live with them, since her family can no longer pay the rent for there little home in New Jersey. But the day before the big move, and police officer knocks at there door and Achava finds out her dad was involved in a big bank robbery. He gets taken to jail and they can no longer offored to move to LA. Instead they drive to the subberbs and make there home in a little camper in an abandonparking lot. To make matters worse, she must go to school. Everyone thinks her name sounds weird, and since she has such thick glasses they call her Blinchava. The only place she feels comfortable is with a girl who went through the same thing she did. They start talking and soon become BFFs. Soon, her friend helps her realize that she needs to take a stand for heself, help her father get out of jail, and encourage her mother to.
Read her story to find out how she deals with this, in MEET ACHAVA and ACHAVA'S PROBLEM.
Also in her movie, Achava's Courage

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