Friday, March 22, 2013

Picture Paste 4--I made it in!--New Vid.!

Hey American Girl Gals,
So, the winner for picture paste is...
Check into the fair!
Here are some pics you can vote on!
Group Shot! (BTW, this is a really old photo) 

Nellie's Hand


Playing on the computer! 
I made it in to Friendship Diaries! Thanks so much Meg!! :) Make sure to check out the blog: (if the link doesn't work copy and paste it to your search bar)
And, I have a new video up!! (On YT) if you havn't subbed me yet, make sure you do, my username:
Here is the video! (not from YT but they are identical)

Nellie's Day Indoors~~AGPS 
That's it American Girl Gals,

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