Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Recipe Based on Kirsten! How to make a Sari!

Hi American Girl Gals,
Kirsten loved Sari, the rag doll she brought all the way from Sweden.
So, I thought up a really quick and easy recipe to make a Sari doll you can eat! :D
You Will Need:
Bread (or Bananas, but bread is way more fun)
A knife
Let's Get Started! 
First, Cute a piece of bread into a thin slice. Set aside the rest. 

Then, cute two thin short pieces of the slice that you set aside for the arms. 

Next, cute a small triangle out of the bread that you set aside.  Put it on Sari so it looks like a dress/apron.  
Put raisins on her "face"n so they look like eyes, nose and mouth. 

There you go! :)
Hope you enjoyed! 
That's it American Girl Gals,

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