Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mikayla's Interview!

Hey American Girl Gals,
Mikela answered the questions for my interview! Enjoy her answers! :)
1. Do you have a blog? Yes, I have 4.
2. What is your name? Mikayla
3. How many dolls (AG dolls or other dolls) do you have altogether? 3
5. Any suggestions for this blog? Guess that that doll polls
Thanks Mikayla! :D
That's it American Girl Gals!
Ciao, Lydia


  1. Cool!
    I sell crocheted doll hats and scarves made by me for $8 each, email me if your interested!! :D idanielley@yahoo.com

    1. That sounds great! IDK if I can, (Cecile, saving up) but I'll try to squeeze inn some extra money for them! :)


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