Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kayla's Interview!

Hi American Girl Gals,
Kayla answered the questions for my Reviews and Interviews Page!
1. Do you have a blog? I am working on one! :)
2. What is your name? Kayla
3. How many American Girl Dolls do you have? 5 but practaclly 6 because my sister dosent play with him!

4. How many dolls (AG dolls and other dolls) do you have altogether? 5 ( If you are counting other dolls that I dont play with... I have like 15 ) But only 5 AG dolls! :D

5. Any suggestions for this blog? Quizes! Recipies based off of a doll! Crafts based off of a doll!!! ;) 
Thanks Kayla!
Also, the results for Picture Paste will be up tommorrow! :)

That't it AG Gals,
Ciao, Lydia 


"Kindness in words creates confidence."