Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Information about Julie Movie!

Hi American Girl Gals,
I just found some really awesome information about the Saige/Julie movies! I can't wait for the Saige movie to come out, and Julie is going to come out next year probably. :)
Julie movie information:
Look what I just found about the Julie movie! :D
The next American Girl to see her story make it to film? Julie Albright. "We are developing the Julie character," Goldsmith-Thomas said, "and we're doing her as a musical, as a high school musical."

"We're going to have all those great songs from the '70s," she continued. "Julie: An American Girl Musical. It's in San Francisco."

The movie is just in outline form as of now, so Goldsmith-Thomas was unable to confirm much more about it, but she did say the music will include both original songs written for the movie as well as music from the 1970s, and that they intend to do more open auditions like they did for Kit Kittredge. "Oh, you betcha," she said.

Saige is going to be next, but I hope Julie comes soon! ;)

I really want Saige!!! :)

That's it American girl gals,
ciao, Lydia

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