Thursday, February 14, 2013

New items from AG+Valentines Day!!!

Here are some of the new items from american girl!!! (My favorites) If you want to see all of them, go HERE :)
Awww! Even though I'm not doing ballet right now. I still really like it! But I don't think I'll get it for my B-day :(

Again, I really like this it's really cute! The shirt is the cutest I think!  I don't think I'll get it for my B-day though.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE DRESS OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's just so adorable!!!! I SO WANT THIS for my B-DAY!!!

Molly's Floral PJ's and Bed and Bedding
This is so cute, and I wish they had it for a long time.  If anyone gets this, tell me the quality!!!

Plaid Party Dress
I wish I had the money to buy this---it's just so cute!!! I'm sooooo asking for this for my birthday. :)
~Lydia (PS Stay tuned for a Valentines day photo story!) :)

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