Sunday, February 10, 2013

My thoughts on Saige and her Items!

So, since I didn't get to before, I would like to give you my thoughts on Saige and her items. :) Her goes!

I think she is SO PRETTY! I read an excerpt of her book, and it seems pretty good to. She has long brown hair that is braided in a rope braid.  Her eyes are green, and of course, they open and close :)
Saige's PJs
I think these are cute, but to be honest, I don't think they are for me. The sweater is grey, and I'm not a big fan of that. Plus, there are shorts that go with them. I don't really like that either. The slippers are just to cute though! For some reason, I love all AG's slippers :)
Saige's Art Set
This set, is just so cute!!!! I really want it. It comes with a variation of brushes, a paint set, and an easel. It also has some of her paintings, and some waiting to be colored in sheets. 
Saige's Sparkle Dress
I love this dress! The golden sparkles are adorable--and the way they are set--slanted , adds the finishing touch! I also really like the boots, AG has never made golden boots before! Does it come with necklace? Do you know? If so, let me know!

Horse and Parade Saddle Set
This horse, Pissasco, is very unique, I think it's an american girl first! AG has never made a cuter horse, plus, his legs and head can be bent into diff positions!  

Saige's Hot Air Balloon Set
This is the big thing in Saige's collection. I think this is my fav item of her whole set (besides Saige, of course.) It's really cool that the doll really fits in the balloon. The supplies includes: Binoculars, Map, pilot's logbook, camera, and a messenger bag to carry it all!  

Rembrantlet, Saige's Dog
He is so cute, though I don't understand how he is in this position  online and in a sitting position in the catalog.   I also think Cooper, Mckenna's dog, is cuter (take it from me, he is ADORABLE!) 

Saige's Sweater Outfit
This is an adorable outfit, but, again, I don't think it's for me. First of all, sandles are not my thing, I perfere  flip-flops.  Second of all, I think AG should have made the sweater closed. Maybe I'll get it, maybe I won't. I don't know.

Saige's Jewelry  and Purse .
This is really cute, and I think I'll be getting it, though I think it's lame compared to Mckenna's. My Felicity doll (I got her ears pierced) would love these earrings, and the necklaces are just TO CUTE!!!! The purse's pattern is pretty cool to. :)

What's you favorite thing in Saige's collection? I'm sorry if I offended you wit anything :P


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