Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My caption for caption that doll picture!

Hi AG Gals,
So, I'm entering this caption that doll picture thing on www.americangirlfan.com, and if I win an Honorable mention, PLEASE vote for me!!! ;) so, go here ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ to see the picture that I'm captioning and here is my caption!!! :D
Saige: REALLY!
Julie: Ya really! THIS HORSE HAS NO HEAD!!!
Saige: But Julie-
Julie: Aaaa! Murder! 
Saige: Julie,
Saige: Julie-
Julie: CALL 911!!! *Takes out cell-phone and diles*
*Police (Abby and Megan) come.
Saige: JULIE!
*Sirens stop blaring and Julie stops shouting*
Saige: Look behind you!
Julie: Why?
Sugar: *Neighs quietly* 
Julie: AAA!!! 
Saige: *Shrugs*

Haha hope you enjoyed it! :D
That's it AG Fans!
Ciao, Lydia

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