Friday, February 22, 2013

I guest posted!

Hi AG Gals,
Today, I have some exciting news to tell you!
I guest posted on AG Fun, my friend Emma's blog! It was fun. You caut if you want a picture go n click on the blog button that says AG Fun and it will take you to my post. :) And if you haven't already follow her! She's trying to get to 200 followers by her BlogVersary or 2014, so help her reach that goal! :)
Here is my post here, but even though please go see her blog! :)

Hello American Girl Fans!

Today's post will be a guest post by a dear friend of mine, Lydia! <3
Thanks for guest posting Lydia!
My name is Lydia and I'm supposed to be a guest poster for Emma! First, a little about me.
My name is Lydia and I have 7 American Girl Dolls! Nellie, Samantha, Lanie, Felicity, Kananie, Mckenna, and Caroline. I also like to write stories. 

*sorry for small picture*

Well, I wanted to show you some thing really cute. The Slumber Shirt and Slippers from AG! They are archived and so pretty. I think I would want them--they are so cool! I don't understand why American Girl archives things. :P
I'm sure this wasn't as exciting as all of Emma's posts and all, but I'm happy I could post for her! :) 

Hope you liked it! :)

That's it AG Gals!
Ciao, Lydia

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