Friday, February 8, 2013

About Saige Copland!

This is all about Saige, GOTY 2013. I thought you would be interested in it. All this stuff is from AG, not me. :)
Who she is: A spirited girl whose passions inspire action
Where she lives: Albuquerque, New Mexico, the hot air balloon capital of the world
Favorite activities: Being at her grandma Mimi's ranch, painting in the studio or riding Picasso the horse
Best friends: Tessa, a musician; and the new girl, Gabi, who knows how to train animals
Fun fact: She can draw horses that really look like horses
What changes her life: Entering the fourth-grade school year with no arts classes
What she discovers: You can use your imagination to create artwork and inspire action
How can you use your talents to inspire others?


  1. Hey Lis!! I guess im pretty good at art and maybe a little bit good at making AG dresses with no patterns, sooo umm maybe when im older I could ike start a dollie clothes shop?? :D lol maybe when ur older you can start the shop with me!! cos im thinking bout moving to the U.S when im older :p

    1. That would be so cool Tania! LOL make sure to bring Destiny! ;) I'm sure your doll dresses look so cool!

      Could you post a pic of Destiny on your blog? I have seen them on YouTube but...



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